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Urinary Disorders

Thinning Cortices of the Kidney



I am curious if I should see a specialist regarding the following. My PCP did not seem to be worried about what happened. Could you advise on any information or if I should be concerned?

I recently went to the ER with severe upper rt quadrant abdominal pain. After a sonogram, blood work, and a urinalysis I was diagnosed with gallstones which were evident on the sono. I was also told that I had thinning cortices of my rt kidney as well. I was told that this could be normal for me because my other tests came back normal. I am a 29yr old female with no know health conditions. My CBC blood results were as follows: Calcium (High=10.7), Protein (High=8.6), ALT (low=6), GFR (Low=74), Creatin (Normal=0.9), BUN (Normal=15), Potassium (Normal=4.0), Glucose (Normal=86), Sodium (Normal=142), Chloride (Normal=1020, Carbon Dioxide (Normal=28), Anion Gap (Normal=12.0), Ag Ration (Normal=1.2), Albumin (Normal=4.7), AST (Normal=29), Alk Phos (Normal=78), Total Billirubin (Normal=0.5), Amylase (Normal=59), Lipase (Normal=84…Hematology-- WBC (Normal=9.4), RBC (Normal=5.03), Hemoglobin (Normal=15.6), Hematocrit (Normal=42.7), MCV (Normal=84.9), MCH (High=31.1), MCHC (Normal=36.6), RDW (Low=10.4), Platlet Count (Normal=270), MPV (Normal=9.0), Neutrophils% (Normal=46.6), Lymph% (Normal=40.1), Mono% (Normal=9.5), Eos% (Normal=2.5), Baso% (High=1.2)…Urinalysis results: Immunology/Serology---HCG/Qual Urine (Negative)…Urine Chemisty--Apperarence (AB SL Cloudy), Bilrubin (AB +1), Blood (Negative), Color (Yellow), Glucose (Negative), Ketone (AB Trace), Leukocytes (Normal), Nitrite (Negative), Ph (Normal=0.2), Urobillinogen (Normal=0.2), Protein (Negative), Specific Gravity (Normal >=1.030) When I was a child I had frequent UTI`s and Kidney Infections. I have not either in years unless went with out notice. I had a severe Kidney infection about 10 yrs ago and a mild one probally aroud 5-6 years ago. I have a bad habit holding it for a period of time before urinating that I have had since childhood and at times go all day with only a few drinks of water. I do not have high blood pressure or any things like that going on. I am not over weight but however have lost 55lbs since February by dieting, exercise, and phentermine diet pills. I am seeing a doctor for this which moniters my weight loss monthly. I am now 5ft 1in at 128lbs with a normal BMI and fat mass. Thanks in advance for your help I have asked many doctors I work with for advice but none have given a straight answer.


It might be worth seeing a gastroenterologist to review your symptoms and films. This individual can also advise whether it is necessary to treat the gall stones.

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Donald R Bodner, MD Donald R Bodner, MD
Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University