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Newborn and Infant Care

Hypo-allergenic formulas



our baby is having what was identified as colic pain. those symptoms started two weeks after birth. during the first two weeks he was on Bebelac 1. we were instructed by his pediatrician to switch to an anti colic milk . so we switched to Isomil AC. his colic pain was reduced drastically, but unfortunately after 4-5 days, we noticed a hair like trace in red color in his stool. same thing happened the day after. we immediately informed his doctor. we were instructed to switch to soy product, which we did. the red traces disappeared but the colic pain is back. one week later, we payed the pediatrician a visit. he advised us to switch to a hypo-allegenic formula. we did a market search and found the following products:

S-26 HA, Similac advance HA, NAN HA, Aptamil HA, Bebelac HA and Milupa Pregomin.

the doctor insisted on using Milupa Pregomin.

the problem is, we are relocating to kuwait. i did an inquiry about the existance of Milupa Pregomin in kuwait. i came to know that all the other products are marketed in kuwait except Milupa Pregomin. i need to know if there is a difference between all those products and why the doctor insisted on using pregomin?

Are those products similar or difference in the content really exists? is pregomin really better than the others?


There are many different thoughts on colic regarding causes and treatment. So, what works is very difficult to say. What is of importance is the red in his stool. That is never normal, and you should continue to work with your child's health care provider, and perhaps see a pediatric gastroenterologist since you will be leaving the USA for what sounds like a prolonged time.

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