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Our twin daughters were born at 37 weeks one was put into the neonatal icu as she weighed only 1.53kg AT 6 months she was diagnosed with epilepsey she is on aeds at here most recent check up her pediatrecian said he could not find her anterior fontanel she is now 8 months old she weighs 6.7kgs now her head circumfrence is 42cm i dont know if this is following the right curve she is also receiving physio as her head control is still very poor please advice if the head size and weight are within normal limits


It certainly sounds as if you have many unanswered concerns, the most reassuring thing I can offer is to encourage you to discuss your concerns with the physician that is treating your children - that way they can show you growth charts and explain what can and will be expected and what different thing they have told you mean.

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Michael Spigarelli, MD, PhD
Formerly, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati