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Enlarged ovaries



im having a discomfort in my ovaries ....for the past two months or so..its a kind of discomfort feeling i did an ultra sound come to find out that my right ovary is enlarged almost twice the size of the left. what could be the cause of this and how could it be rectified?


The most common cause of ovarian enlargement is an ovarian cyst. Most cysts are functional or physiologic cysts which means they are normal and expected. The role of the ovary is to form a cyst with a developing egg every month. This cyst persists for at least 2 weeks waiting for pregnancy. Sometimes the cyst remains longer than 2 weeks or it becomes filled with blood and causes pain. There are other cysts which are neoplastic, meaning new growth, and most are benign. The treatment depends on which type of cyst this is. Since most functional cysts resolve in several months, watchful waiting is the best option for any cyst in a premenopausal woman without obvious signs of neoplasm.

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