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Can`t get pap smear due to bleeding on cervix



Hi, my cervix has been reported to be raw and may have a cervical erosion, not sure why but i can`t get a pap smear due to the bleeding and the results keep coming back as not being able to assess. Please help, i am at a loss as to why it is bleeding and am very anxious that something bigger might be wrong with me and i cant even get a proper pap smear done, i have tried twice now with 4 months apart.


Infection is usually the cause of a "raw" cervix. Cultures should be performed to see if you can find an infection. If there is any growth that is bleeding, it should be biopsied. If a Pap can't be done, you should have a colposcopy. This is a procedure that is used to get a magnified view of the cervix and determine the need for biopsies.

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