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My iron level has usually been low but is starting to rise (I am a 42yr old female. The doctor doesn`t seem to think he needs to do the genetic testing for Hemochromatosis. What do you think?

Can you explain my results:

In October 2008 it was Iron - 46.1, transferrin 2.9, Saturation 68.8, Ferritin 41

On the 20th January this yea it was Iron 30.0, Transferrin 2.8, Saturation 48.3, Ferritin 34

Can you help? Thanks


The ferritin levels are normal throughout, which suggests there is no excess iron overload in the body.

The genetic profile for hemochromatosis would require specific genetic testing. We do suggest genetic testing for people who are first-degree relatives of somebody who has hemochromatosis.

In your case, the lastest iron saturation index was slightly high at 68.

If you live close to Columbus, Ohio, and we can help, we would be happy to pursue the workup for you. You may contact Daphne Lockett at 614-293-9441.

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Mark   Wurster, MD Mark Wurster, MD
Former Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
College of Medicine
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