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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

Pediatric Deafness and Fluid on Kidneys



A friend of mine just had a baby. He`s about 8 weeks old. They found out at birth that he was deaf. They have been seeing specialists, etc. Today she took him to have an EKG and USG of kidneys. The EKG was okay but she said that the USG showed fluid on his kidneys. Is there a pediatric syndrome associated with this that may have caused the deafness? What exactley does "fluid on kidneys" mean?


Fluid on the kidneys is also termed hydronephrosis. There are many causes. If it is mild, usually nothing is wrong. If it is moderate or severe, however, then there may be a blockage of some part of the urinary tract, urinary reflux or backflow from the bladder to the kidneys, or both; in some of these cases surgery is necessary, although usually not right away. The ears and kidneys form about the same time, and for this reason abnormalities of both organs may occur, although there is not a specific genetic condition.

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