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Light bleeding



I have been nursing for the last 6 months and just recently weaned my baby off the breast about 3 weeks ago. During the nursing period, I have not had my menstrual cycle at all. About four days ago I starting getting a white discharge as if I would start my cycle. The white discharge turned to brown discharge and eventually I was spotting. I even wore a pad and got some light bleeding. This happened for 2 days where the light bleeding occurred only during the day. On the third and fourth day there was nothing. On the fifth day (today), I had some brown discharge again, but no bleeding or spotting. Is this cause to be concern and when should I expect my cycle to return? Thank you


It is normal not to have a period when you are breastfeeding. Once you stop, the ovarian hormones that were suppressed return and starting the lining of the uterus to grow. The bleeding at this early state, assuming you are 1-2 months from breastfeeding, can be irregular. If you have no other symptoms, then I would assume this is normal. If your cycles don't return to normal in a few months, you might need to be seen.

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