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Sore breast after period



I am 25 years old and I have been ttc for almost two years now. After a year I went to the dr. and both husband and I were tested. The results from cycle day 21 blood showed I didn`t ovulate. I was on clomid for five months with out getting pregnant. I am now going to a Chiropractor (not on clomid any more) trying to correct the -20 degree curve in my deck with hopes that will help in the baby making area. usually I get sore boobs a few days or a week before I start my period and go away after I start. My boobs started to get sore on Cycle day 30 it was only a 33 day cycle when I started. It is now a new cycle and day 14 and my boobs have been sore for 18 days straight! this is not normal, do you think there is any way I could be pregnant?


Breast tenderness is a symptom of ovulation and usually occurs approximately one week prior to menses.  When someone becomes pregnant, their progesterone levels stay up and their breast tenderness continues.  However, it is less likely that you are pregnant if you had a normal period. 

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