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Epilepsy, diabetes, and high blood pressure



i was just hospitalized for 5 days- i was taken to intensive care and was on life support for 3 days. I had my first ever seizure at 2 in the morning- I`m 59- it was a gran mal. i had 2 additional, really bad seizures, within an hr. my glucose went up to 384. I was told i am marginal diabetes- my mom had diabtetes later in life. i was put on 5 medications, including dilantin. i haven`t been on any medications for 40 yrs. i did smoke and drink coffee. is there a possible cause ? my 19 yr. old daughter has epilepsy and she had 2 seizures the same week, dislocating her shoulder, exactly like i did to mine.


You need a neurologic evaluation to investigate the causes of your seizures and to discuss potential treatments to prevent further seizures. Epilepsy can develop at any age, not just in children. Epilepsy has many different causes. For more information about the causes of seizures, click on the Topic Overview link listed above. The Epilepsy Foundation website is an excellent source of information. Be sure to visit the `Answer Place` section.

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