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Irregular period and trying to conceive baby?



Hello doctor please help me i am sick of this problem.it is going to be 3 years i have irregular period and i am still trying to concive the baby.When we decided to start our family we did sex every week without protection, then my period cycle was get bed very irregular.After 6 months i went to the doctor and she gave me birth control pill for 3 months.My periods was much better in these 3 months but after pill my period came back methods.Please help me i have still problems right know and every months my period comes very late.My sister told me you have to try these medicains i give you name "Duphaston" and "cerophene 50mg".she told me these medicains is really help full to you.Please tell me what can i do?


Irregular periods have many causes. Whatever the cause, they usually indicate that you are not ovulating every month, which means you are not producing and releasing eggs near the middle of your cycle. You need a careful evaluation of your irregular periods, followed by treatment to help you ovulate. You should ask your gynecologist about this. If he or she does not diagnose and treat ovulation problems, you should be referred to a fertility specialist. The medications you mention are used to help you ovulate, but should only be used under supervision of a physician experienced in their use.

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William W Hurd, MD William W Hurd, MD
Professor of Reproductive Biology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University