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18 month old not gaining weight



When my daughter was born she had a complication with her air way. She was flown to kosairs, and long story short her airway problem fixed itself, but they also placed a feeding tubein her. It was taked out with in one month. she ate from the bottle just fine, then baby food just fine, then on to table food. at about 13 months I started to notice that her appitite was decreasing and she was not gaining any weight She is now 18 months she has only gained 2 pounds in three months and her eating is little to none. we have gone to the DR.s and all they can say is well she may just be a picky eater. she is ranking in the 50th percentile for her growth chart. Other than the eating and no weight gaain she is normal. Happy playful and lots of energy, but you can count every notch in het spine, see all of her ribs and she just looks frail. I`m asking what should I do. Am I over reacting Or should I take her to someone else, and if so who?


It is difficult to give advice on a child that I have not seen, when other physicians who have examined her have an opinion.  As a parent, everyone wants what is best for their child and perhaps the way to approach your daughter's primary care provider is to ask when her lack of weight gain would be considered a problem and how often she should be seen to make sure that she is doing well.

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Michael Spigarelli, MD, PhD
Formerly, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati