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Addiction and Substance Abuse




i take diphenhydramine every night (50-75mg) to sleep. I have been doing this for years. if i don`t take it, i don`t sleep and i feel funny the next day. Am i addicted? does taking this so much hurt the liver? thanks


Over-the-counter Diphenhydramine hydrochloride, trade name Benadryl is generally not recommended for insomnia because of poor efficacy and drowsiness the next morning. This medication has also been shown to build tolerance against its sedation effectiveness very quickly, as soon as day 3 of dosing.

This medication is not an addictive substance, however, for the individual with addiction, Benedryl can "wake up" a craving for the drug of choice. This medication may have a place in your medicine cabinet as an antihistamine, useful in an allergic response, but it is not very effective for improving the wake sleep cycle.

The following are recommendations to improve your wake sleep cycle:

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Deborah L Hoy, CNS Deborah L Hoy, CNS
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