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Urinary Disorders

Pus in urine. What does it mean?



A doctor told my husband that he has pus in his urine and that he probably just needed more sex. The doctor doesn`t know that we are seperated from each other as my husband lives in another country right now, away from me. Or that he has some problem with his prostate. My husband is a little concerned about it possibly being his prostate. Couldn`t it be just a UTI? Or bladder infection though? His parents both had diabetes, so he is also concerned that maybe that is why he has this infection. He has had problems previously with this, and gets a different answer from each doctor he has seen.


We would never advise a patient to have sex as a treatment for infection. We do tell patients with non bacterial prostatitis that if they feel well enough there is no reason why they may not have sex. Urine cultures with prostatitis may not be positive for any particular bacteria. A UTI should be treated with antibiotics. As far as diabetes, if both his parents had diabetes he is certainly at greater risk for developing this. If he has not been diagnosed with diabetes he is not at greater risk for either prostatitis or UTIs.

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Marc F Cymes, PA Marc F Cymes, PA
Clinical Instructor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University