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Urinary Disorders

Kidney Abscess Not Fully Responding to Meds



I was hospitalized for 7 days for a severe renal abscess. I had 103 fever that would not subside, excessive vomiting, excruciating pain in my rt side and stomach, as well as severe swelling of my abdomen. My fiance had to call an ambulance for me. In the hospital, I was given iv Zosyn and Delaudid, and then released with oral Levaquin for 21 days and Percocet for pain. My follow-up CT showed the abscess is still there-only a bit smaller in size. I do not yet have another fever but I am nauseous and weak daily and my abdomen is beginning to swell again. My appetite has decreased overall, and I have lost 7 lbs. Initially, I was told they could not drain the abscess as it didn`t have enough fluid in and was in a difficult place on my kidney next to another organ. The 2nd ct also revealed severe scarring. I am really worried and am to follow up with my Urlogist. Is there another way to remove this abscess is it hasn`t enough fluid to drain? I have a history of repeated pylonyphrits and uti`s. I am in need of further diagnostics but can`t get those done until this infection is resolved..thus delaying treatment of the underlying condition here. I am worried and starting to get scared. Any recommendations or additional info? Please help.


Abcesses by definition almost always need to be drained in order to be cured and in fact abcesses not surgically drained often drain spontaneously. I think you may need another opinion from another urologist.

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