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Thyroid Diseases

Thyroid Cancer



My son had a lump in neck removed at 14. The doctor said it was thyroid cancer and tried to refer him to a specialist, which wasn`t covered by our insurance. So, we chose to have him see a throat specialist at children`s hospital. They said first doctor was wrong and that it was a multinodular goiter. It was watched always getting worse. Then at 23 in college he had to have it removed because it was pushing his trachea. It was huge!!!! It was found to be a follicular cancer after thyroidectomy to remove goiter. He had a high dose of radiation with a scan that saw some in neck. So, he had it redone 6 months later small spot under chin showed up. Now he has to do it agian in 6 months. They said he can`t take thyrogen shots this time just on the off chance that it is something. Is all this waiting time normal? Is the time that he was "rediagnosed" as a kid of any significance. My husband and I are very worried since he is a full time college student but will be off our insurance at the end of this month because of his age.


Jeffrey J. Sussman, MD

Thank you for visiting NetWellness. On this site, NetWellness experts try to answer general questions about health. Only the health professional who ordered the tests should interpret the results. A second opinion at another major center or university with a specialist may be helpful to you. 

Insurance coverage is an issue and he will have this as a preexisting condition.  If he becomes employed at a larger corporation, this may not be an issue but could be if he is unemployed for some time or self-employed or works for a smaller firm or one without health benefits.  I hope President Obama will address issues such as this with his health care reform proposals. 

NetWellness Staff

The US Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Primary Health Care has a directory that will help you find a clinic that will give you medical, including dental care, even if you have no medical insurance or money.

Coverage For All.org also contains information about free medical care and programs in your area.

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Jeffrey J Sussman, MD Jeffrey J Sussman, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery, Chief, Division of Surgical Oncology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati

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