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Dental Anesthesia

Hypersenstivity to lidocaine



years ago i got problems with my tooth.i felt terrible pain and noticed abscess started forming on my palate.i sought dental advise and my dentist tried to get the tooth extracted,but after injecting lidocaine on my gum and several attempts to get rid of the bad tooth,i have experienced severe pain which resulted my dentist to stop the procedure.after coming home in just an hour,i started to shiver,sweat profusely,felt terrible cold,and had muscle weakness.i was brought to emergency department and later diagnosed to have hypersensitivity to lidocaine,and was even put on oxygen for an hour due to shortness of breath.few years after,i have been tested again for lidocaine hypersensitivity prior to tooth extraction(same old bad tooth),and just a couple of minutes after skin testing has been done,a big bulge formed and the procedure did not push thru..until now,i still have problems of my tooth being not extracted as no dentist would do the procedure due to this problem...any advise?..thank you.


If you have a documented true allergy to lidocaine, there are other local anesthetics that you should have skin testing for. It is important to not use an anesthetic from a multidose vial that contains preservatives as this may be an issue. Also, you should be tested with local anesthetics that do not and do contain epinephrine, as this also has an additive included. 

If there are no local anesthetics that you can tolerate, then general anesthesia is your only option.

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