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Thyroid Diseases




I had an ultra sound that showed a goiter on the right side of my thyroid. My blood results came back normal for Thyroid. I have gained 20lbs over the last year. I exercise daily and am on a low carb diet. However, even strength training 3 times a week and cardio 7-10 times per week over the last 2 months I have not been able to loose any weight. Not even a pound. I am also experiencing spotting and cramping throughout the month. Is this normal for symtoms of Goiter? If so how can I manage the weight gain. I am a 37yo female who has always been active and always been able to maintain my weight.


If your thyroid function test is truly normal, none of these symptoms is related to the thyroid disease. Enlargement of thyroid gland (goiter) has no influence on your menstrual cycle or weight gain as long as your thyroid status is normal.

The best is to be evaluated with a weight-loss nutritionist to go over your dietary regimen and make sure that your calorie intake per day is not too much (portion size). Also considering the irregularity of your menstrual periods and recent weight gain, your glucose metabolism as well as androgen profile may need to be evaluated by your PMD or endocrinologist.

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Marzieh  Salehi, MD Marzieh Salehi, MD
Assistant Professor of Endocrinology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati