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Digestive Disorders

Lower Right Side Pain



About a week ago I started experiencing a sharp, burning pain on the lower right side of my abdomen. The pain is severe for about 1-2 minutes and then stops and then the area, along with the very upper part of my right thigh, goes numb and then it starts over again. I`ve had two CT scans, with and without contrast, and neither one has shown any problems. I don`t know if I should continue to follow up with my doctor (I`m starting to feel like no one believes me) or if I should wait and see if the pain gets any better or goes away?


Given that you are asking a gastroenterologist, I am assuming your doctor is a GI specialist. But not all pain in abdomen is abdominal related. You should also think about muscle, nerve, referred back pain. A primary care doctor should be able to sort through that but time may also make things better. Maybe another visit is warranted.

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Annette  Kyprianou, MD Annette Kyprianou, MD
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