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Pediatric hypoglycemia?



I have a 21 month old female child. She is not diabetic. She has extreme irratibility, shaking and lethargy often. I have spoken to her pediatrician about it and she is not worried. I noticed this seemed to occur when she had not eaten well through out the day. She tend to be in the 10th percentile for weight and does not like to eat. I am a type II diabetic so I decided to check her blood sugar. Her fasting sugars are in the low 80`s upper 70`s. Her post prandials have been in the 80`s to upper 90`s. The highest I have seen it get is 106. Could this be hypoglycemia? She also has asthma and chronic uticaria.


The blood glucose numbers you describe are in the normal range for children in the fasting state and after eating or postprandial. But home blood glucose meters are not accurate enough to establish a diagnosis of a new condition like diabetes, or hypoglycemia. A blood glucose test in a laboratory is necessary to decide "normal" or "abnormal".

The symptoms you describe could be completely normal - not indicating a disease or condition. Or the symptoms could be related to one of many different health problems.

Hypoglycemia is not a common condition in children, but when it occurs it can be associated with the symptoms you describe. Hypoglycemia has no association with asthma or chronic urticaria.

If you continue to be concerned, see your pediatrician again. If your pediatrician rules out other health problems and you decide an evaluation for hypoglycemia is indicated, make an appointment for an evaluation by a pediatric endocrinologist. They are the "experts" in evaluating hypoglycemia in children.

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Nancy J Morwessel, CNP, MSN, CDE Nancy J Morwessel, CNP, MSN, CDE
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Diabetes Center
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati