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Slow rising hcg levels



My hcg levels were 3.1 when tested 12 days post IUI. Then 8.8 when tested 14 days post. Then 22 when tested 16 days post. I know that the number is doubling but that they are still very low. I have had 2 losses within the past 8 months. Is there any hope for this pregnancy?


I apologize for not answering more promptly but hopefully, this answer will give you additional insight.  I would probably not "count" the first value of 3.1.   A value of 8.8 2 weeks following IUI is very unlikely to lead to a successful  pregnancy.  However, I agree with a repeat value 2 days later which did increase appropriately.  My next step would be to repeat the blood test 6 days later to see if it is still doubling appropriately.  If so, I would likely repeat one additional time before performing a pregnancy ultrasound. 

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
College of Medicine
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