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Urinary Disorders




Have had so called prostatitis for three months. I`m 47 years old and have never had anything this painful as long as this has been going on. My urologist says I have stones in my prostate. Urine shows no infections. Also prostate is small and PSA is in normal range. Been on 3 different meds for this. Now I`m on bactrim and allopurinol. No relief in sight. Please tell me what to do next or how to get relief from pain.


Chronic bacterial prostatitis is a pain syndrome and needs the services of a pain center plus or minus a urologist. In the past chronic bacterial prostatitis was considered an infection and was typically treated with antibiotics for weeks with generally poor relief of symptoms. I suggest that you contact a urologist and discuss whether or not you have so called prostatitis or not, then seed treatment either for chronic infection (unlilely) or seed the services of a pain center that is knowledgible regarding the pain syndrome now called prostatitis.

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