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my doctor said that i have J.M.E. and it is left temporal, i want to ask that what activity take place exactly in brain when jerks are occured? i often get brief jerks even with medication and i have tried several known medication (including valporate,lamictal,tegretol,epilim,epival and now keppra)for j.m.e. but nothing has completely stopped these jerks


Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (or JME) is characterized by multiple seizures types. The seizure types include both generalized tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures and myoclonic jerks in almost all cases. Some patients also have absence seizures (staring spells). The EEG shows a characteristic pattern. Seizures are not focal in onset but are generalized in onset. Since your seizures remain uncontrolled, I suggest you be seen at a specialized epilepsy center to have video/EEG monitoring. This test will conform the type of seizures you have and then your physicians can choose the best treatment for you.

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David M Ficker, MD David M Ficker, MD
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