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Inherited Disorders and Birth Defects

Chiari Malformation Type 1



Can chiari malformation causes swelling under the arm and pain in the back?


A Chiari malformation is a birth defect that affects the lower portion of the brain and brain stem - where the brain connects to the spinal column. There are different types. Type 1 may not cause any problems or problems do not appear until the 30’s or 40’s. Problems are usually neurological – headache, pain, weakness, sensory problems, etc.

I do not know if a chiari malformation can cause swelling under the arm and back pain. These are questions that would be best answered by a specialist in Neurology. Unfortunately, at this time NetWellness does not have an expert in this area. Thus, I would highly recommend that you talk to a neurologist.

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Anne   Matthews, RN, PhD Anne Matthews, RN, PhD
Associate Professor of Genetics
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University