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Lung diseases




I have been coughing for three months. When it started my doctor gave me anitbiotics and that helped with the cough only for a few days. I was still coughing. I went back to my family doctor for something else and he herd me cough, so he listened to my lungs and told me that I have bronchitis and gave me Biaxan. This is my second round of antibiotics. I also have pulmonary hypertension and on immune surpressions for my RA. This is my first time ever with bronchitis. Can someone have bronchitis for three months?


The possible causes for chronic cough include many common things such as asthma, sinus disease, allergies, and infection in addition to other less common things. Routine bacterial bronchitis should respond to antibiotic therapy and should resolve with treatment, although in some cases cough can persist for several weeks. In a patient such as yourself with rheumatoid arthritis on chronic immune suppression, other causes for the persistent cough should be explored. I would recommend that you discuss this again with your physician and consider evaluation by a pulmonologist.

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