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Asthma without allergies



My asthma has been increasing in severity lately, but I have no allergies. My doctors have run numerous allergy tests and they`ve all come back negative. However, my doctors are still prescribing allergy control medications, such as Singulair and Allegra. Do these medications treat asthma that is unrelated to allergy symptoms, or are they giving me a unnecessary drugs?


Patients can have "non-allergic" asthma.  Non-allergic triggers include viral infections, cold air, exercise, temperature changes, odorant/chemical irritants, tobacco smoke...If you truly have asthma the initial treatment of choice will be an inhaled corticosteroid.  I would not recommend Singulair and Allegra as treatment.  You should see an asthma specialist who can do appropriate breathing tests and recommend the best treatment as well as educate you about the treatment and management of asthma. 

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