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Inherited Disorders and Birth Defects

Pilonidal Cyst



Please Doc, My girlfriend has pilonidal cyst. It`s bothering her a lot, and I feel there can never be a cure for any sickness. I am asking to know what next step to take. This sickness does it not have a cure. How can it be removed? Are there medicine or cream to help relieve the pain when it starts? It comes up anytime she is on her period, and most times 2 times in a month, and it comes with so much pain. I need all the advice I can get. We need your help honestly.


A pilonidal dimple is a small pit or sinus found at the bottom of the tailbone (the sacral area) just above or at the top of the crease of the buttocks. Tuffs of hair may surround it. A pilonidal cyst is basically the same problem but with a deeper tract. A cyst can become infected because of an ingrown hair that causes the area to become inflamed.

People may be born with a pit or dimple and it usually does not cause problems. However, if a cyst becomes infected, it can fill with pus and be painful. This may be the problem you are describing. In this case, the doctor may need to cut open the cyst and drain it. Sometimes the cyst needs to be totally taken out to prevent it from becoming infected again.

I would recommend that your girlfriend talk to her doctor about treating the cyst.

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