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Athletic Training

Ankle & wrist popping



I use to sprain my ankles all the time from age 7 to about 11 and i havent done it in a while[im 16 now] & a couple years back i flew off a motor scooter. And well now I will move my wrist or ankle in the slightest movement and POP POP POP. My wrist seem to hurt a little sometimes and my ankles get sore & appear swollen at times. I want to know if I should be worried. Help! Thanks.


From the information you have given, it is hard to give a definitive answer as to what the problem could be.  Had you been experiencing any of the "popping" sensations prior to your accident?  If not, did you see a doctor and were x-rays or any diagnostic tests done of the wrist and ankle after the accident?  

There are several things that could cause "popping" in a joint. If pain accompanies the "popping", there could be possible degeneration and/or cartilage damage or there could be possible damage to the bones themselves.  Without knowing where the "popping" is coming from, it is hard to give a better answer than that.  

With your age, I would highly recommend you follow up with your family physician to discuss this problem further.  As you get older, the problem could progress.  It would be best to be proactive and address the problem now.   

I hope this information helps.  Best of luck! 

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Katrina B Stibel, MA, ATC Katrina B Stibel, MA, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Instructor
Department of Athletics
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University