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Trying to concieve




I got married 3 yrs before and I am 28 now. My husband is 29. I am overweight (Height 155 cm ,Wt: 69 kg) due to diagnosed with PCOD.

My Periods were irrregular with 10-15 days so I am undergoing the treatment for it since Oct08.The monthly medication is for 25 days in which Lynoral (Ethinyl Estradiol) - 0.05mg tablet for first 15 days alone and after that with Modus for next 10 days. After starting these medicines my menstruation cycle is of 28 days but with less bleeding.

As my doctor says that these medicines are not contraceptive pills so u can conceive also during the medication. So we are trying from last 3 months but still didn’t get any success.

After suggesting the doc we went for 3 tests last month 1) Follicle study which found good as ovulation is happening on 14th day. 2) Semen analysis which is also normal. 3) HSG test which couldn`t be possible due to very small hole for injecting the dye.

Now my doctor wants me to go for a surgical procedure for making the hole big for HSG test and laparoscopy also at same time ( If she find any kind of blockage there)

But Recently I found that Lynoral is contraceptive pills but my doc says this is not.

I am feeling very confusing for taking right decision that should i continue my treatment with these medicines and go for Laparoscopy as my doc suggested?

Or we both should try for next 3-4 months without taking these medicines and then should go for any surgery.

Kindly advice me!


You appear to have two unrelated problems. The first is anovulation related to polycystic ovary syndrome. In the US, this is treated with clomiphene citrate or injectable medicine to induce ovulation. Often, we add an insulin sensitizer call metformin. Although ethinyl estradiol is not used alone in this country for contraception, it is not likely to help you ovulate and is not used here for infertility.

Your second problem might be cervical stenosis, where the opening of the cervix is too small. This problem usually is found in women who have had previous surgery on their cervix.

Your doctor is recommending surgery. Since your doctor has not yet tried to induce ovulation and you have lost some confidence this person, it would be prudent to get a second opinion from a fertility specialist prior to undergoing surgery. Most doctors encourage second opinions if they are confident that their recommendations are appropriate.

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William W Hurd, MD William W Hurd, MD
Professor of Reproductive Biology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University