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Urinary Disorders

Dribble Effect/Varicoceles



I am 24 and have varicoceles. The problem came at the end of puberty and was accompanied by a wild urine stream with post-dribbling. When I urinate, the stream is steady and full, but the stream is split--one stream is thick and a one thin. They are both coming from the same hole, my urethra. The thin stream leaves the spiral. Furthermore, I dribble way too much after emptying my bladder. I know abcesses can cause that, but I was really just wandering if varicose can cause the dribble. And if that`s the case, why does the stream split? I guess I`m puzzled as to how I manages to inherit a much too wide urethral opening, an obstruction to urine flow, and varicocele all at once.

And there is no pain associated with the varicocele, nor have my testicles shrank. Thanks for all of your help.


Varicoceles do not cause urine stream to split. They are dilated blood vessels in the scrotum and in general are not a problem unless fertility is an issue. Split urinary streams are caused by blockage or scar tissue within the urethra. You would need to see a urologist who can perform a cystoscopy to look inside the urethra and hopefully find and correct the problem.

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Marc F Cymes, PA Marc F Cymes, PA
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