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Urinary Disorders

Treating Infection Without Antibiotics



Hi. I am a 25 year-old female, and have simptoms of UTI (feel like I have to urinate often and the sensation does not go away, although I do not feel any discomfort passing urine). When I went to the doctor, he said there was bacteria and prescribed antibiotics. I took those for 7 days, but simptoms did not go away. I am wondering, though, is it possible to cure this (or for it to go away on its own) without taking antibiotics? And what can this be if maybe it is not infection? It has been going on for a few weeks already.

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Urinary tract infection is very common among sexually active young females. It can be caused by bacteria or yeast. Bacteria can be identified by culture and treated based on the sensitivity. However majority of the infections are caused by E. Coli, a bacteria found in feces. This organism is sensitive to all antibiotics if there is no underlying anatomical or medical conditions. On the other hand if bacteria is eradicated and symptoms remain one has to think of less common conditions and yeast infection is among those. It can easily be treated by Diflucan.

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