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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Cracking of Joints



I am a college student. My joints crack all the time, almost every time I move. And it hurt when I crack them. I have tense muscles probably because I do not do stretching enough. But the muscle tension is high all around my body though I do not work out anymore. What is the problem with my joints? Would supplements like Arthred or Biosil help me?


It is not clear that cracking joints causes any long-term problems. Cracking joints may simply be related to a force that exceeds the normal surface tension of normal synovial fluid (joint fluid) or from ligamentous laxity ("loose" ligaments) of the ligaments surrounding the joint. If the cracking of joints is new or associated with pain, it may be wise to be evaluated by your physician to ensure that there is not another underlying process. I have no comment on the dietary supplements that you mentioned.

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