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Keep getting pneumonia and recently diagnosed



I had pneumonia in Dec. and the dr. said I had asthma. I came down with bronchitis in Feb. and now I have pneumonia again. Could these infections be caused by not taking meds for the asthma? I`m having a hard time believing I just came down with asthma at the age of 49...


Very likely.  This is a common presentation with someone who has asthma.  Asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that is characterized by increased copious amounts of thick sputum.  If you don't take the anti-inflammatory medications (inhaled corticosteroids) which are effective at reducing airway inflammation and increased mucous production, you will continue to have these exacerbations that can progress to lung infections.  All of this is preventable if your doctor has made the right diagnosis, prescribed the proper treatment and you listen and comply to his/her advice.

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