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Alcohol Consumption After Cure



I was cured of TB on September 2007 and want to know the effect of alcohol consumption after cure?


By being cured of TB, I am assuming that you took all the medication as instructed by your healthcare provider; after that, you were evaluated by that provider and informed that you were cured. If that is the case and are not longer taking ANY TB medications then congratulations on being cured!! To answer your question: the moderate consumption of alcohol at this point is fine. The reason you were instructed NOT to consume alcohol while you were on your TB treatment is because the combination of the medication AND alcohol can be very toxic to your liver (which is vital organ in your body). Furthermore, consuming a lot of alcohol can affect your body's ability to utilize important nutrients needed by your body; this can result in making the TB worse or making it take longer for your body to overcome.

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Allan B Chiunda, MPH Allan B Chiunda, MPH
Case Western Reserve University