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Sports Medicine

Pain and swelling to ankle



I sprain my ankle about 4yrs ago and wore a brace for about 2 weeks and the pain went away so i stop wearing my brace. For the last 2 years i have had pain and swelling to my ankle. I had an MRI which showed bone marrow edema, achilles tendinosis and plantar fasciitis. The lateral side of my right ankle is really swollen and my whole foot is another shoe size. My ortho md recently passed away and i had another ortho look at the images from my MRI on the computer and he said it looks like a stress fx. His treatment was to put me in a walking cast. Is that the only option at this point? I walk a lot at my job and by the end of the day my ankle is throbbing and very painful.


It is the typical treatment for a stress fracture, and the simplest treatment.  There are other treatments, but they are more involved than a walking cast.  If this treatment is not working for you, talk to you orthopedist about other options.  Let him/her know about your work situation and pain levels. 

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