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Alcohol and renal complications in IDDM



Iam a male IDDM patient and a hypertensive, my age is 77 years, my blood sugar is well controlled by insulin shots that I take, but my recent tests reveal bl urea 68mg% and s creatinine 1.8 .Iam also a regular alcohol drinker, 2-3 large pegs of whisky every night, what I want to know is, with these tests, should I completely stop alcohol, as it may damage the kidneys even more, or can I continue with alcohol, maybe in reduced qty.Do I need to take some medications for my kidneys?


An excessive alcohol intake can't be good for your diabetes.  The best things to do for your kidneys is the best diabetes and blood pressure control possible - some of the blood pressure medications are considered to have a kidney protective effect. Whether some amount of alcohol is okay depends on the state of functions most susceptible to alcohol, notably liver, brain and a number of other nerves.  Impotence is one of the major consequences of the combination of inadequately controlled diabetes with undue alcohol use.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati