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Blood blister on top of cervix



Over the last couple of months I have had very small amounts of bleeding between periods. My doctor found what she said looked like a "blood blister" on the top of my cervix. Should I be concerned? My pelvic ultrasound is not for 3 months. Just a note, for the last 4 years I have experienced a slimy, mostly clear, discharge that comes and goes - and it does cause somewhat of an odour. I gave up on the antibiotics my doctor gave me because it just continued to return, and I couldn`t deal with the yeast infections every time I took an antibiotic, so I just don`t bother with it anymore. Could this have caused irritation over the years that has now led to something more serious?


A "blood blister" could be what is referred to as a Nabothian Cyst. The cervix has areas that produce mucous that can get blocked as the cells of the cervix grow over the openings. Once this happens, the cyst fills up with mucous and looks like a blister. If there was some bleeding into the cyst, then it can look like a blood blister. You may need a biopsy of the area to properly identify the lesion. It is unlikely that was caused by the discharge you have been dealing with.

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