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Mental Health

I am almost sure my husband has a mental prob



Well i only been married to ma huband for almost a year, been together probably 3yrs total. from all those years he has been doing drugs, drinking. he has been lying wen i accuse him of doing those things, he wants to make me believe he not doing it anymore i argue with him and dont trust him. He gets mad at me because i dont believe him, i believe him for a minute next i see another lie to get mad at caught n a lie. He has falsely mislead me, when the whole time i been correct. i knew wen he was on drugs or had sold a drugs or was talking to a freind about doing something i didnt like. i always knew wen he was up to no good and i go throw my self blutly at him with anger. He went to jail for putting his hands on me. eventually through time he became jealous and insecure and more now that were married. He also has the habit of destroying my property wen he gets mad and verbally abusing me.times were he threatens ma life alot, threatens n all sorts of ways and wen he mad he intimidates me by hurting me acting liek he going to hit me at times he does. He blames everything on me i made him who he is. far as ma knowledge he never cheated says never will ever and he a real man he dont cheat. he constanly accusing me of cheating secretly goes through ma stuff tries to find out from people wat i say about him or if im cheating. He involves his mom n all our business and manipultes people that im the bad one. i got to the point were i changed ma personality i really mean to him push him away, dont trust or kare wat he says. He usually has mental breakdowns, cries and also wen i been mad at him for days he does nice stuff for me buys me stuff. wen he bored and his mind not busy he blows me up electronically mail.text,phone or through ma family and freinds. He also has a very strong anger problem wen he wants to get his point across he really verbally abusive towards his mom. he really dependant on me i control his feelings if it wasnt for me he be into drugs, heavy drinking like how i first met him. im the one who makes him feel a certain way everyday he says. he blames me for everything, but wen he has his mental breakdowns he says he sorry, he know and reconizes his faults. i get the credit for being a good partner and he loves me, but wen he mad everything is ma fault. I want to know am i almost sure he has a mental problem, i been analizing him i think he does i broke him out of his shell. oh also he has Adult Attention deficit disorder. Did i make him this way? wat happen. Little about his background mom was a drug addict.father is a hitman and well he got abused by his step dad and well his daughters mom left him for im sure same reasons. Is he gona be ok?


While I cannot answer your specific question on this website, it is important for you to get counseling for yourself at this time. It appears, from your story, that you have been a victim of abuse in this relationship. The way you describe this relationship, it does not appear that this is a safe place for you to be. I strongly encourage you to contact a counselor, mental health center, or domestic violence center for advice and help.

Good luck.

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