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Athletic Training

Pulled hamstring



I have had a pulled hamstring for three weeks and it is not getting any better. The only thing that helps at all is ice. It is still very tender and painful. The massage therapy and accupuncture help some too. Is it normal for a pulled hamstring take so long to heal? I was also going to try ultrasound and a TENS machine. Have they been shown to help with the healing of a pulled hamstring?


Unfortunately, hamstrings can be problematic for awhile in many cases. I would continue doing what you have been doing. All the treatment methods you have chosen are useful in helping to heal the hamstring.

Using ultrasound and a TENS unit can help with healing under controlled parameters. Incorporating stretching (slow with no bouncing) of the hamstring and strengthening of the core muscles have been proven to reduce recurrent hamstring problems.

Remember to always consult with a physician if you have continued problems. Good Luck.

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Chalisa   Fonza, MA, ATC Chalisa Fonza, MA, ATC
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Clinical Instructor at the School of Allied Medical Professionals
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