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Sulfite allergy and pregnancy



I am allergic to sulfites (anaphylaxis within minutes of ingesting anything with added sulfites in it). I have just found out I am pregnant. I have tried to locate an answer to this specific question on your website but was unable to find a definitive answer. My question is this: What medications generally used for labor and delivery contain sulfites? (including all narcotics generally used and local anesthesia - epidurals and spinals). This is my fourth pregnancy, however the allergy has just developed after my third pregnancy so it was not an issue in the past to take a combination drug of stadol/pheneragan. Obviously I will talk to my OB/GYN extensively about this topic, but I wanted to go "forearmed" with some knowledge of the topic beforehand. Thanks so much for your answer.


I cannot answer the specifics of this query without knowing which parenteral (IV or IM) drugs will be used. Once the drugs are known, the individual package insert should contain this information- by law, they have to. If there is any doubt, manufacturers should be called directly If you have difficulty with these sources, the FDA can help.

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