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Grape Cure?



I am curious as to your opinion on the Grape Cure. I came across it online and was wondering if there is something to it. Are you aware of anyone who has actually been cured or had their cancer go into remission by doing this? I looked through pages and pages of links and couldn`t find anything about any studies or cure rates - nothing. (I do not have cancer nor does anyone close to me, thankfully, I am only asking because I am curious).

Snippet from a website, "the water fasting is used to `trick` the cancer cells into consuming the first thing that comes along. The grapes become a great `transport agent` for getting the poisons just mentioned into the cancer cells, meaning the cancer cells `steal` these nutrients (which turn out to be poisonous to the cancer cells) from the normal cells!"


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. There is no medical reason to believe the theory described in your question. 

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