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How long does vitex last?



I have been ttc for about 3 years and have had all sorts of tests saying everything is fine. I have a cycle every 28 days like clockwork but I also spot for several days prior (I spot/bleed for about 12 days a month). Finally, I was given a blood test and MRI that showed a tumor on my pituitary gland. We have brought my prolactin down and I was given the green light to start trying again. However, I have been taking vitex for about 3 months to help us get pregnant. My doctor wants me to start Provera and then Femara. How long does the vitex stay in your system? I understand that it is not good to take it with fertility treatments.


Vitex is a herbal supplement made from the dried fruit of a plant found in Asia. Vitex is used as a traditional folk remedy for several female conditions. It does not actually contain hormones, but appears to increase female hormones by stimulating the brain to release of hormones that stimulate the ovaries. Like many herbal medicines, little is known about what risks it might have. Likewise, little is know about how it might work with or against standard fertility treatments. Since it is active when taken orally, it is likely to be cleared from your system with in days or weeks. If you want to be cautious, you should stop taking it immediately and wait for at least one month before trying to get pregnant.

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