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Lung Cancer

Subpleural nodule



Recently I had a CAT xcan of my abdomen as a follow up for bladder cancer 1998- I am a 62 yo F who has smoked off/on for 30 yrs- the ultrasound found a 1 cm subpleural nodule in the right base- My urologist was very lackadaisical about this- I have had a CAT scan of chest,but have not heard the results- My urologist just said-"It`s probably nothing, after much prodding he did say it was not of suspicious appearance- What should be my next step?


Thank you for your question. Pulmonary nodules can cause a great deal of anxiety for patients. An initial approach to evaluation should include a careful review of all previous imaging of the chest. If the nodule has been present for several years then the likelihood of malignancy is quite low. If this is not the case then a review of the patient's risk factors and either further imaging (CT scan, PET scan) or biopsy should be considered. It is very reasonable to express your concerns to your physician and if necessary seek an opinion from subspecialist.

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Patrick  Nana-Sinkam, MD Patrick Nana-Sinkam, MD
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