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Kidney Diseases

Terrible Flank Pain



I have had horrible pain in my right back, in the kidney area. Also, I have had kidney infections my whole life. This pain is similar to a severe kidney infection, but all tests come out nomal. With a CT scan they found my kidney on the right side was enlarged. I thought that would explain it, but the ER doctor said that there is no indication for the reason of the pain. Do you have a clue what I should do now or what this can be? Even the pain and muscle meds dont help subdue this pain. I am at my wits end. Please help.


There are few possibilities for flank pain - like Kidney stone, Kidney infection, Urinary obstruction, local musculoskeletal pain, Or Loin Pain Hematuria syndrome.

If there is no evidence of kidney stone on CT scan or no evidence of urine infection on urine culture then remaining of the above causes are possible. If there is blood in urine (red urine or on microscope blood) then the possibility of Loin Pain Hematuria is high. You should consult a Kidney doctor (Nephrologist) for further evaluation and treatment.

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Ganesh  Shidham, MD Ganesh Shidham, MD
Associate Professor of Nephrology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University