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Uneasy Bite and Macular Pain



Case history: I am 25 years of age. When I about 17, I underwent an othodontic treatment by a DENTIST because I had spacing between my teeth and my front teeth were very slightly protruding. He gave me a removable appliance which I wore for nearly a year. But at the end, my lower teeth began to hit against the upper teeth.

I felt there was hardly any place to `park` my lower jaw as the space between the two jaws had shrunk. There was a tendency to push my lower jaw backward to fit in. I felt great uneasiness and strain around my jaw, ear and neck region, sometimes even chin. Muscles in my face, neck, and jaw region started to feel very stressed all the time. The regions in my body like - where the neck meets the shoulder, where the neck meets the back of the head, and where the shoulder meets the back (the upper back) developed various painful points or nodes. The pain kept extending from my back, to the neck to the head and now even a point in my forehead.

Treatments given: My dentist identified the problem as an improper bite. He ruled out the relation between any mascular pain and my wrong bite. He gave me an appliance to wear for a year to push my lower front teeth behind. Then there was another appliance to keep my upper and lower jaw meet, but the problem remained there. Tired of not keeping well, I went to an orthodontist. He completely denied any relation between my uneasy bite and the strain around my face and neck. He gave me a temporary wire to push my lower front teeth backward. This continued fom more than a year but my problem was exactly where it was. My teeth were still hitting against each other.

For the muscular pain I started to do stretching exercises but they brought only a temporary relief. The entire period of treatment must have come out to be five years including the breaks. In the end, I took an opinion from another expert orthodontist. He completely disagreed with the treatment given to me and suggested me to end it immediately. He also adivsed me to wait some time so that the teeth could fall back in place before deciding to resume. Ever since then I have been too tired and stressed to return to any treatment.

Current poistion: My problem still persists. Infact, because of constant pushing back of my lower front teeth, my tongue is now not able to place itslef comfortably within the curve of the lower teeth. It rests itslef over them and always touches the roof of the mouth and also hits against the front upper teeth.

My teeth, especially the front two and the lower three hit against each other. This aggravates when I am sleeping or in a rest position. I feel easy to keep my moth open than close while in a rest poistion. My tongue automatically comes between the two jaws and keeps them meeting to avoid strain.

I get the urge to have a jaw without the lower front teeth so that my front teeth can place themselves in rest.

My upper and lower front teeth have become quite weak, unable to bite much.

Help required: Please clarify to me my problem, tell me if there is a connection between my improper bite and my strained body. Please suggest a treatment if the problem is treatable.


This is difficult to answer without seeing models of your teeth (casts) - of both the upper and the lower. I suggest you contact the AAO office in St. Louis at 1-800-424-2841 and ask them to give you the name of an orthodontist in your area. You need an orthodontist to evaluate your occlusion (the way the teeth fit together.

Best wishes.

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
Professor Emeritus - Clinical, Associate of Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University