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Should I get braces again?



I wore braces for 2 and a half years to fix an overbite and straighten my teeth. Afterwards, I got the clear retainers. I noticed, over time, my overbite came back a little. My orthodontist said that it may be because I wore them at night when I am more likely to grind my teeth. Now I`ve lost my retainers (it`s been about 3 weeks now) and I notice and feel my overbite increasing, as well as some space increase between teeth. Will retainers fix this or does it mean that I need braces again? And what range of cost would that be (w/o insurance)? And if I just get retainers, would it hold the position of the teeth I have now or would it move my teeth to make it straighter and close up some minor spaces?


See your orthodontist immediately! The good news is that problems that arise quickly usually can be fixed quickly, but you need professional help. 

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Mark G Hans, DDS, MSD Mark G Hans, DDS, MSD
Professor of Orthodontics
School of Dental Medicine
Case Western Reserve University