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Kidney Diseases

Pain in Right Side



I have pain and burning on my right side from the kidney area down the right leg, mostly in my kidney area, groin and leg. The pain is sometimes so severe that I can`t function. I feel it in the front of the right leg in the thigh, my right leg seems like it gets cold easy. Keeping my right leg and side hot usually helps. I have had tests and steroid shots along with an anti-inflamitory shot. Nothing helps. I am tired and need some help to tell me what can be wrong. In 1991 I had a nephromsty tube placed in my kidney and the operation went wrong. Could this be why? Could this be a result of scar tissue build up?


There is a lot going on and your symptoms need to be explored with expert questioning. After a complete symptom history is obtained and all old labs reviewed, then you need a physical exam. All this may lead to further evaluation/testing. I tend to doubt the nephrostomy tube from 18 years ago plays a role here. You need to find a physician who is willing to investigate the cause and to consult with specialists, until a cause is found.

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Thomas   Zipp, MD Thomas Zipp, MD
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