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Kidney Diseases

Possible Kidney Disease?



Hello, I have been taking Aciphex (40 mg once per day) for GERD, for a little over a year now. After the first 3 months on the medication, I developed an aching right upper quadrant pain, which radiated up into my right shoulder blade and also to the front of my abdomen, near my belly button. An ultrasound was performed and noted that my gallbladder was contracted (without stones) but also surprisingly, that I had a simple kidney cyst on my right kidney, in the right upper pole area. Is this simple cyst anything to be worried about at 29 years of age? No one in my family has adult onset PKD. My last serum creatinine level was 1.0 mg/dl and my BUN was 19 mg/dl. I am very slender and underweight for my height (I`m 5`1" and about 90 lbs) and also have normal blood pressure (usually 100/70). I neither drink nor smoke.


The important word here is "simple". This is opposed to complex cysts which need to be monitored and sometimes excised. Simple single cysts are by definition benign and mostly asymptomatic and do not need intervention. Infrequently they can be associated with pain or bleeding. They are rarely associated with hypertension.

If there is any doubt that it is "simple" then it should be re-imaged.

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