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Kidney Diseases

What Does This Mean?



Hi, I am female, 32 years old. I had blood drawn a week ago and got the results back, but no one was there that could tell me anything right now, that I would have to make an appointment and I will go first thing Monday morning, but I was just wondering what it meant on my results. It said that my creatinine is 1.1, GFR estimated is 57.56, MCH is 32.4, and in *PARTIAL UA* the clarity is hazy. Could you please tell me what you think, and what it means?

Thank you so very much.


I can't help much. You have some abnormal lab results but they must be interpreted in the context of prior test results, and some of them may need to be repeated for confirmation. I think you are correct in going for a followup visit. Don't despair.

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