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Vascular Surgery

Celiac Artery Compression - PSV 597 cm/s



I was diagnosed with Celiac Artery Stenosis by Median Arcuate Ligament, my ultrasound showed elevated PSV at 597cm/s. Other symptoms -are pain after eating and some intestinal problems as well as a second stenosis from what the tech said was caused by splash back of blood not able to get through the Celiac compression. I am 5` 8" and I weigh 110 lbs. What are my options and how serious is this? Thank you!


Hello. I would recommend you make an appointment to speak about this syndrome with a local vascular surgeon. Celiac artery compression can often be present in normal individuals so it is questioned as to whether it is a true phenomenon that should be treated as release of the ligament does not always change the abdominal pain. Definitely worth a discussion with your local vascular surgeon however. Best of luck!

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